Atiku Campus Ambassadors (ACA) is a  non-profit and non religious organization per excellence, grooming Nigerian youths across our university campuses.

Our aim is to propagate and hone them with the best and sustainable leadership qualities of the 21st century without recourse to their tribes, religions or their fathers’ socio-economic status in the society.

Undeniably, Nigeria is the most blessed Nation on earth’s surface in terms of human and natural resources. There is urgent need to harness these underutilized gifts of nature by God to the benefit of her citizenry. Without an exemplary leaders we all clamoured for, it will remain a pipe dream if leaders are not moulded and tutored it remains a wishful thinking.

With the proliferation of youth gang violence, drug abuse, sexual behavior, cyber crime (Yahoo-yahoo) and other negative societal ills, we are driven to provide youths with programs designed to combat these social problems that often promote and produce failure in the lives of Nigerian youths.