Greenstone Emmanuel, he is the Founder and National Coordinator of ACA. He is an ardent advocate of  YOUTH, ENVIRONMENT and PEACE.

He is passionate about educating fellow young minds against violence and intolerance by giving Nigerian youth sense of belonging through community development services that endeared them to their community. By making their voices to be heard would not only make them stakeholders in their immediate communities but the nation at large. It has restored their lost patriotism in our dear nation.

Only me can travel a journey of few kilometers, with other like-minded youths, we can go to the end of the world faster and timely. I want to impact positively on humanity with more other hands on deck. There is hardly a success without successors.  I believed so much in power of collaborative network among young people of like minds within my immediate community.

Serving as National Coordinator of Atiku Campus Ambassadors has given me a viable platform to consolidate my noble quest in line with global best practices to enable me think globally and act locally in confronting issues bedeviling youths. Am training and nurturing my fellow youths across Nigerian Campuses to become citizens and better leaders of today and tomorrow.

Training youth is not just a happenstance but a well thought-out decision. Nigerian Population (National Census, 2006) is made up of 75% of those between the ages of 15-40 years (youth). It then means that youths are the major stakeholder in the development of Nigeria. Lamentably, no conscious efforts or programs to harness their youthfulness. They are left to learn and  nurture their own idea  and perception of what governance is. This has led them to carry out or perpetuate crimes against their wishes.

The Take-away from Atiku experience

Whatever Atiku has become today is as a result of personal conviction in God, he remained focused, determined, dedicated and disciplined despite many denial and shortchanges that occasioned his political expedition, still, he prevailed over his adversaries because he picked success over failure by dusting himself up each time he stumbles. The journey has never been easy and it won’t be easy my fellow young democrats.

Having said all these, it is hoped that ACA’s programs have not only improved Atiku Campus Ambassadors but have helped other Nigerian youths off campuses whom are in search for direction, because the leadership skills learned have been redistributed down to them in form of peer-to-peer enlightenment programs organized for them by our ambassadors. I believe Nigeria will regain her place of honour among comity of nations sooner than expected. I want to beseech  my fellow youths to make a hail while the sun shines, the supportive nature of my team members  is second to none, am lucky to have you all. Lastly, we deeply thank  Atiku Abubakar for this win-win initiative for our generation. You are a true leader with the foresight and taste for modernism. Thank you, Sir.